Sherman Khoo

Sherman Khoo

Statistics Masters Student at the University of Warwick

About Me

I'm a broadly trained Mathematics graduate with a focus on Statistics and Economics, interested in applying mathematical and statistical methods to understand and model the world around us.

Latest Posts

Text-to-Image Generative Abstract Art

We showcase a text-to-image abstract art model using a differentiable rendering library and utilise a fine-tuned Stable Diffusion model to reinterpret the output

Coding Posterior Simulations with (Metropolis-Hastings and Gradient Based) MCMC

We illustrate two types of MCMC algorithms using a gaussian mixture model

Perils of Statistical Inference (1)

Description and resolution of the famous Simpson's Paradox

academic work

The Impact of Immigration on Average Income in Sweden

Co-authored a research paper analysing the economic impact of immigration on labour markets in Sweden using a variety of quasi-experimental econometric techniques.

The Hedonic House Price Model in a Development Context - Evidence from the National Capital Region of the Philippines, 2000 - 2010

Co-authored a research paper analysing the characteristics driving housing prices in Manila using a hedonic house price model with various spatial autoregressive models.


Solana NFT network analysis

Network analysis with a web scraped dataset of information regarding various Non-fungible Token projects on the Solana Blockchain

Endurance Sports Training Optimiser and Analysis Tool

A meta heuristic bat algorithm for the optimisation of sports training sessions as proposed in Fister et al, 2015

COVID-19 Cases in London

Tool to visualise the changes in COVID-19 incidence in London

Community Detection in Networks

Focusing on the classic Karate Club network dataset, this tool helps to compare the various community detection algorithms for networks

Graduate Salary Visualisation

Data visualisation of the graduate salaries for various universities and majors in Singapore